Striking a match

striking a match

Hi I came across the following sentence in a grammar book, so it´s not possible for me to provide context: I was on the point of striking a match. strike a match • Eulah Mae saw her sharply strike a match against a square match box to light a cigarette over a fresh beer.• She struck a match and blew it out. Definition of strike a match in the Idioms Dictionary. strike a match phrase. What does strike a match expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom.


HOWTO: Strike A Match Without A Striker striking a match

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The texture should be similar to sidewalk concrete. As their name suggests, these matches are designed to light well on various surfaces. Matches use the heat created from rubbing against a rough striking surface to ignite a small amount of flammable fuel. When Sally struck a match to light a cigarette, Jane said quickly, "No smoking, please. Previous Thread Next Thread.


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